Pure power! ENSO PRO is round co-poly designed for players looking for pure put away power. Like all TOROLINE strings, ENSO PRO features a slick surface that maximizes snap-back potential. Designed for the ball striker looking to place the ball on a dime. Perfect for players looking for a responsive and comfortable option with superior ball pocketing.

  • Available in 2 colors and 2 gauges

    • Neon Pink (1.24MM/16L)
    • Carbon Gray (1.25MM/16L)

String Guru Notes: Super slick string commonly used a cross string with WASABI or TORO TORO. Enhances the feel, comfort, power and snapback. Would recommend to string 2LBS tighter than WASABI or TORO TORO. Will play more lively and softer than WASABI and TORO TORO.