Pure power! ENSO PRO is round co-poly designed for players looking for pure put away power. Like all TOROLINE strings, ENSO PRO features a slick surface that maximizes snap-back potential. Designed for the ball striker looking to place the ball on a dime. Perfect for players looking for a responsive and comfortable option with superior ball pocketing.

  • Available in 4 colors and 3 gauges

    • Neon Pink (1.24MM/16L)
    • Carbon Gray (1.25MM/16L)
    • Neon Yellow (1.25MM/16L)
    • Matcha Green (1.27MM/16L)

String Guru Notes: Super slick string commonly used a cross string with WASABI or TORO TORO. Enhances the feel, comfort, power and snapback. Will play more lively and softer than WASABI and TORO TORO.

Stiffness Level: Medium